Inventory Management

Efficiently scan barcodes upon product arrivals, seamlessly integrating them into your inventory. Generate barcodes and print labels using any printer of your choice.

Effortless Transactions

Facilitate swift and precise transactions through a personalized catalog featuring a wide array of items. Easily input custom prices and implement discounts and service fees as needed.

Customer Management

Establish customer records to monitor visits and expenditure. Offer store credit and sell gift cards to encourage increased spending.

Order and Payments

Simplify returns with options for refunds, exchanges, or store credit. Secure items on hold with partial deposits. Execute promotions on specific items effortlessly.

Flexible Payment Options

Safely and consistently, process card and cash payments, supported by multi-level tax assistance. Generate tailored invoices, enabling clients to settle their payments at their convenience.

Employee Management

Establish employee permissions, monitor and manage work hours, and access timesheets. Gain insights into employee performance and identify areas for improvement effortlessly.

Rich Analytics & Reporting

Access valuable insights on sales trends, best-selling products, customer expenditure, and other metrics to enhance your understanding of your business, boost sales, and minimize expenses.


Easily record daily sales and extract data for use with any accounting format. Integration with QuickBooks is on the horizon for even smoother accounting workflows.

Who We Are?

Light Payment is a leading provider of payment processing solutions, specializing in credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments. We offer advanced POS systems, virtual terminals, and secure online payment gateways.

Pricing Plan

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Coffee Shops
Basic Retail

40/mo. includes back-office and 1 device
20/mo. for each additional device


Clock-in and Clock-Out

Catalog/Menu Mangement

Unlimited Products

Simple and Variable


Inventory Tracking

Service Charges

Paper Receipts

Customizable user access


Basic Reporting


Supported Hardware

Cash drawer
Receipt Printers



Quick Service Restaurants
Take-out and delivery

$75/mo includes back-office and one device

$25/mo. for each additional device
$20/mo. for Loyalty
$20/mo. for Online Ordering 

In addition to Basic Plan:

Combos and Complex

ProductsScheduled Pricing and Specials

Label Printing

Kitchen printing


Automatic discounts

Store credit

Till Management


Supported Hardware in addition to Basic Plan:

Kitchen Printers
POS Integrated Scale
Label Printing Scale
Label Printer



Multi-Branch Setup
Full Service Restaurants

100/mo includes back-end and one device
30/mo. for each additional device
$20/mo. for Loyalty
$20/mo. for Online Ordering 

In addition to Flexible Plan:

Appointment Booking

Gift Cards

Purchase orders

Inventory log

Table management

Split and divie bills and items

Split payments by amount

Advanced Reporting


Supported Hardware in addition to Flexible Plan: